Gluten-free Chocolate Brownies

I’ve been thinking about the subject of fear versus faith lately.

Or more precisely, how fear can hold us back from plunging headlong into what we’ve always wanted to do.

I read somewhere once that sometimes it’s our fear of shining, of being brilliant at what we do, that stifles us; that acts like a piece of rope tied around our hands, leaving us unable to move forward into what we were meant to do.

Gluten-free Chocolate Brownies There is fear of many things.

Fear of failure; of being imperfect; of disappointing others – and when we give into to this thing called fear, we withdraw from our callings, or destinies, or life purposes.

But I’ve also learnt that the opposite of fear is faith.

Faith is the belief in the things unseen. It is trusting in something that we know we do not control, and taking the first step even if we can’t see too far beyond that.

Gluten-free Chocolate Brownies I made a new friend recently. Her name is Jane and she’s inspiring and cool and fun to hang out with.

During our first dinner together at the parilla Las Cholas, Jane told me that she’d taken a year off her comfortable bank job in Singapore so that she could travel around in Latin America.

She’d always wanted to live in Buenos Aires she told me; and despite her friends’ and family’s good-hearted worries and well-meant advice against travelling alone in a region she did not know, she headed in the direction that her heart was nudging her towards.

I wake up on some days, and ask myself what I’ve gotten into,” she told me, between bites of juicy bife de lomo and papas fritas.

Most days, before I came to Latin America, I was unsure and afraid… but my desire was greater than my fear, and because of that, I’m now here.

I sat across from her in the salon where at least 50 people were having their dinner, the space bustling with the tinkering of cutlery and the sound of a dozen different conversations – and all I could hear was this.

My desire was greater than my fear.


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