Gluten-free Lemon Ricotta Bread + Choosing joy and gratitude

My mum and dad named their first-born daughter “Felicia”, and by definition, my name literally means “happy one”.

I suppose that explains my optimistic personality and predisposition to see the glass as half-full instead of half-empty. It probably also is the reason why I constantly look at the brighter side of life, trying to search for the silver lining in every situation I may find myself in.

Sometimes people tell me I’m too positive (as if it were a bad thing), but I try to take these comments as compliments instead of criticism.

Gluten-free Lemon Ricotta Bread

I’m a sociable introvert, I’d like to believe.

I love to mix with all kinds of people – old friends, strangers and new acquaintances all excite me. I truly enjoy hearing other people tell their stories, about where they come from and the lives they lead, in the same way that I feel at ease telling them about mine.

Yet at the same time, the introvert in me likes to curl up under the covers with just a good book and hot tea for company; other times, I like to be enshrouded in complete silence, my thoughts flowing as easily from me to the page I’m writing on.

Gluten-free Lemon Ricotta Bread

I’m not one prone to sudden outbursts of tears nor am I one to let things overwhelm me.

Yet last Thursday, in the calm of my apartment with the TV on, I found myself giving in uncontrollably to a bout of tears that I honestly had no idea were coming.


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Rainbow Guacamole & Chips

 The first time I discovered Spring was here in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  It was probably back in 2009, which means I was just turning 24, fresh-faced and yearning to see what Spring was like in a country that was still relatively foreign to me. (I hadn't yet moved to Argentina for good - I was here on a trip to visit Juan and celebrate our birthdays together that November.) What … Read more

Grain-free Pistachio Bread + Like the children we once were

Grain-free Pistachio Bread

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Sauteed Asparagus, Bacon & Scrambled Eggs

Sauteed Asparagus, Bacon and Scrambled Eggs

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Grain-free Cheese Crackers

The first time I'd heard of the concept "hustle" was when I started reading the book "Crush It!" by Gary Vaynerchuk.  In very simple words, "hustle" means hard work (when used as a noun), or to work hard (when used as a verb). Yet while I'd only learned of the word "hustle" recently, I can tell you that I'd grown up with first-row seats witnessing the importance of hustle. These … Read more

Grain-free Walnut Orange Cake

Grain-free Walnut Orange Cake

This is what spring looks and feels like. There are tufts of fresh green grass growing along the sidewalk; the skies are a deep gorgeous blue, and as the sun warms the city, there's a skip in my step. This is the start of my favorite season, one which brings forth new life; fresh beginnings and plenty of opportunities. On the previously barren trees are now flowers blooming with a … Read more

Stir-fried Egg Vegetable Noodles

Stir-fried Egg Vegetable Noodles

I believe that there is an implied occupational hazard when working in finance or economics.  Financial advisors or economists know that there is a conscious need to constantly seek out areas where the returns are the highest - often in terms of material goods, possession, or profits to be made. There is also the constant end-of-period analysis and comparison - this month's figures … Read more

Easy Broccoli Garlic Rice

Easy Broccoli Garlic Rice

"Even the richest meal is just an excuse for the most important thing: Sharing simple moments together." - Alejandro Morales (head chef at La Huella restaurant) Every once in a while, I'm reminded of why I love to cook. Apart from the therapeutic effect that being in the kitchen has on me, what also motivates me to keep on cooking is this - the fact that cooking a meal for others … Read more

Gluten-free Skillet Cornbread + Conquering Resistance

Gluten-free Skillet Cornbread

"Good things come to those who wait. But the best things come to those who do." It's easy to sit and daydream about all the things we want to achieve in life, and sometimes, if we're lucky (or fortunate or blessed, however you wish to call it), we eventually do get what we dream of with the passing of time. Yet, I've realized that most times, we have to wake up from our daydreams and … Read more

Amazing Gluten-free Sandwich Bread

Gluten-free Sandwich Bread

Hey you! I bring good tidings of joy!! I'm so excited about today's recipe that I'm doing a little dance! Can you tell? Can you tell? The reason I'm so hyped up and happy is because after a few tries at gluten-free bread, I've finally found a recipe that works! Hip hip hooray! This is a recipe that tastes and looks like normal bread! It's a gluten-free recipe that doesn't have to … Read more

Grain-free Lemon Sandwich Cookies

Grain-free Lemon Sandwich Cookies

I couldn't get enough of lemons. After being overdosed with the aroma of lemons in the Amalfi Coast and then coming home to Buenos Aires and making this easy lemon curd, I should have already gotten my fill of lemon-flavored everything, right? Wrong. I still wanted more lemon-flavored things to make and eat. I wanted to bask in the aroma of lemons and bring back the Italian summer … Read more

Easy Lemon Curd

Easy Lemon Curd

People say that certain smells evoke particular memories, and I'm certain that it's true. There's the aroma of garlic sizzling in a wok, which together with the sound of the wooden spoon hitting the metal, takes me right back to my home in Singapore, where for years I'd grown up eating stir-fries and everything with garlic. And there's also the fresh, clean scent of Dove body soap, which … Read more