Easy Gluten-free Coffee Cake

Last week felt literally like an emotional roller coaster – and between the entire range of emotions through which I passed, I’ve come to the conclusion that life is simply too short to stay within my comfort zone.

I read a quote last Monday morning – one that made me think and gave me much strength during the rest of the week. It was a quote written by novelist Paulo Coelho, and in its absolute simplicity, it said:

“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine – it is lethal.” 

Easy Gluten-free Coffee Cake

This sentence, made up of such few words but in its totality brims with so much power, made me realise that while I may be terrified of the unknown (and of certain changes that are about to take place), the fear that I am feeling is normal and completely adequate.

Because if we perpetually live in a place of expected comfort, and never stretch our limits, or expand our horizons, we will always remain in the same place, and never grow larger and bigger.

And even if there is an innate desire in me to be in control of things, I need to learn that there are spheres of influence in which the things I do can somehow determine the outcome, and there are other spheres in which the outcome does not depend on me.

Easy Gluten-free Coffee Cake

There are a few major decisions to be made this coming month, but as the choices are made one at a time, I am increasingly sure that these decisions are ones I will not regret. 

At my friend Jane’s birthday dinner last Saturday, during which we talked about life, about decisions, and about the things we can control and those that we can’t, she made a powerful observation.

Jane explained how each decision we make is a zero-sum game, in which we will have to give up certain things in order to gain other experiences. Basically, she stated that at every crossroad in our lives, we will have to decide which decision we take will bring us greater returns than the things we may have to give up in order to follow that path.

(Thank you dear Jane – you are wise beyond your years! And thank you for your amazing advice.)


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