Squid Curry with Rice

Pelusa Molina, my cooking professor, usually informs us regarding what dishes we will cook in the next class at the end of each lesson, so a week ago, when she told us that for the next class we would be cooking squid curry with rice, I literally JUMPED for the opportunity to be the volunteer cook.

So, with a whole load of enthusiasm, spend Wednesday evening buying the ingredients required for the recipe, and Thursday saw me cooking in front of our class of 14 students. It turned out surprisingly easy, compared to what I had imagined cooking curry to be. Here’s the recipe for all those who love all things spicy and calamari!



1) 1 kg of squid, cleaned and washed
2) 1 onion
3) 2 tomatoes
4) 1 green apple
5) 50g of curry powder
6) 300 g of white long grain rice


1) Chop the onions and stir fry in a wok till they turn golden brown
2) Clean the squid by getting rid of the insides and washing it well
3) Once the onions start turning slightly brown, add in thinly sliced green apple
4) Add in tomatoes chopped into cubes and add the curry powder
5) Add in the squid’s tentacles first (the tentacles take around 20-25 min to cook while the body (or tube) only takes about 5-10 min
6) Cover the wok, and let the ingredients simmer over low heat, allowing time for the juices from the apples, tomatoes, and onions to create the sauce that will mix with the curry powder
7) Meanwhile, start cooking the white rice (should take about 8-10 min)
8) Once the tentacles have been cooking for around 10-15 min, add in the other parts of the squid (which are supposed to be chopped evenly).
9) Let the curry cook and simmer for another 10-15 min, and add salt and pepper to taste

Raw squid, ready to be chopped and cooked:


Squid curry in all its glory:

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