Minced Meat Porridge for the soul

One of the few things that I crave badly whenever I’m sick and my throat hurts and I miss home, is minced meat porridge. Simply because it reminds me of home, of my childhood, of being snug and warm during rainy days, and simple because its so healthy and nutritious.

I know my Asian friends will agree with me, that it’s that one dish that makes a sick day feel (almost) perfect. Earlier back in February, when I just returned to Buenos Aires from my yearly trip back to Singapore, I was having a terrible cough and flu and a pretty serious bout of home-sickness. Since there wasn’t anyone who would be able to whip up this magic porridge for me, I decided I would do it myself. For those who don’t know how to, here’s the deal.




1) 1 cup of white long grain rice
2) 1/4 kg of minced meat (pork or beef, your choice)
3) 1 sprig of spring onions
4) Soya sauce


1) Wash the white rice by rinsing 3-4 times with tap water, then put the rice in a pot, filling the pot with 10 cups of water (if you prefer a thicker porridge, use less water, if you prefer it more watery, you can always add more as you cook the porridge).
2) Heat over medium heat until water starts to boil, then adjust the heat down till it only simmers (it should not be boiling anymore)
3) Marinate the minced meat with some pepper and a bit of soya sauce to give it flavour
4) After the rice starts expanding, and takes on a grain form, you can add in the minced meet, stirring the porridge continuously to make sure the rice cooks well and becomes smooth.
5) Chop the spring onions
6) Once porridge reaches the consistency you like, serve hot with a sprinkle of chopped spring onions.

Raw minced meat:


Freshly chopped spring onions:


Minced meat porridge for the soul:

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