Tip of the Week: Colours & Fragrances that stir up your appetite

Hello! It’s Tip of the Week again!


This week’s tip will show us how using colours and fragrances can make your food look so much more appetizing and will leave those you cook for begging for more.

I found a great article on www.eHow.com that explains this:

Reds & Oranges

Reds and oranges are believed to stimulate hunger. This may partially be because these colors appear in many foods, unlike blue, which is not a common food color. Red and orange also inspire passion and heat, emotions that are sometimes associated with food. Both red and orange are popular colors for kitchen utensils for this reason. Red and orange’s ability to stir hunger also inspires many restaurant owners to use those colors when painting the walls of their establishments.

Earth Tones

Earth tones like brown and beige do not arouse the same feelings of hunger that red and orange are believed to stir up, but they do make a space conducive to eating. These tones are warm and tend to make people feel comfortable and safe. Since food is often associated with family and being taken care of, browns can make people feel like they want to sit down and share a meal.

Aroma of Food

Unsurprisingly, the most common smell to trigger hunger is the smell of food. This is usually only true if the smell is coming from a food that you like. If you happen to love pot roast and walk into a kitchen with a pot roast cooking in the oven, that smell is going to make you feel hungry. The same goes for the smell of hot buttered popcorn in a movie theater. Smells associated with salty and sweet foods seem to be the strongest scent triggers.

Fragrances of your Memories

Just like the earth tone colors will make you feel comfortable and warm, thus making you want to eat, certain scents can give you an emotional desire to eat. The most common is the scent of cookies baking in the oven or other warm spicy scents like cinnamon that often remind people of family or holidays. This effect is different than smelling popcorn, knowing you like popcorn, and thus wanting to eat popcorn. It’s not the cookies themselves that make you want to eat, but the comfort and emotional ties to the smell.

Feel free to use colours in your cooking, mix the colours up, or use the same colours in a variety of shades! Colour your food beautiful!

Here are some pictures of different coloured foods (photos by Christopher Baker) which I got from another great article called “Eat the Rainbow” on www.wholeliving.com

Red foods:


Orange foods:


Yellow foods:


Green foods:


Purple foods:

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