Lemon Mousse with Strawberry Glaze

Every Thursday I go for my cooking class with Pelusa Molina, my amazing cooking professor who comes up with the most ingeneous and exotic recipes. Thankfully today’s was not so complicated, but still oh so delicious. Unfortunately I only have one picture because I couldn’t keep snapping photos as I was cooking in front of a class of ten people.

This is a great dessert for when you invite people over to your house and want to show off a little.



1) 2 lemons (for the lemon zest and the juice)
2) 3 eggs
4) 150g of sugar
5) 20g of corn starch
6) 200ml of water
7) 20g of butter
8) 1/2kg of strawberries


1) Separate the eggs yolks from the egg whites
2) Mix the egg yolks with the sugar
3) Dissolve the corn starch in water, lemon juice and lemon zest, and add it to the egg yolk-sugar mixture
4) Heat the mixture over slow fire until it starts to thicken
5) When the mixture starts thickening, remove from the fire, add the butter in, mixing well, and let it cool
6) Beat the egg whites with two tablespoonfuls of sugar at a consistent rhythm until it thickens into a nice white merengue
7) Add the merengue to the mixture in step 5 after the mixture has cooled, and using a spatula, stir in an enveloping manner to create a homogenous texture to get the mousse
8) For the strawberry glaze, process the cut strawberries and add to it a sugar-water syrup (which you get by dissolving sugar in equal parts of water over low heat)
9) Serve the mousse in a dessert cup, decorating it with a layer of strawberry glaze

Beautiful Lemon Mousse with Strawberry Glaze

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