Mediterranean-Inspired Tart

This is one of the recipes that Pelusa Molina taught us last Thursday. And probably one of the hardest that I’ve tried so far over the last 3 months. But the combination of eggplant, tomatoes, basil, and cheese was so tempting, and brought back so many memories of my trip to Italy in August 2007 that I couldn’t help but try to make it, and I guess it turned out pretty ok for the first time I made the batter for a tart.

I hope this tart whisks you off to the lovely Mediterranean coast, where the waves crash against the rocks of Cinque Terre, where life is all about great food, love, and pleasure.



1) 2 medium-sized eggplants
2) 3 round tomatoes
3) 250g of flour
4) 100ml of olive oil
5) 150ml of room-temperature water
6) 1 tablespoon of tomillo
7) 150g of cheese, finely shredded
8) 100ml of milk cream
9) 2 eggs
10) 1 teaspoon of salt
11) 1 cup of basil leaves


1) Slice the eggplant thinly in even slices
2) In a large bowl, place the eggplant slices and sprinkle salt over it, covering it with a metal bowl pressing against it for around 30 minutes (this will help dehydrate the eggplant and prevent the tart from becoming too wet)
3) Slice the tomatoes in even slices, and arrange them in a tray over kitchen towels to absorb the juice
4) Once the eggplant has more or less dehydrated, place them in a tray over kitchen towels to absorb the water
5) In a mixing bowl, mix the flour, olive oil, salt, tomillo together, adding water to achieve the right moisture consistency
6) On a flat cool surface, sprinkle flour, and knead the batter well, using a roller to roll out a flat circle
7) Place the circle of batter over a baking tray
8) Arrange the eggplant and the tomatoes alternatively around the tray
9) Add cheese over the eggplant and tomatoes
10) Pour the mixture of milk cream and eggs over the cheese
11) Bake at 175 deg celcius for about 1 hour or until the crust has cooked
12) Sprinkle the basil leaves above the cheese a few minutes before eating
13) Allow to cool for 10 – 15 minutes before serving

Slice the eggplant into even slices:


Place in a large bowl and sprinkle salt over the eggplant to let it dehydrate:


Fresh tomatoes:


Place the tomato slices above kitchen towels to absorb the juice:


Place the eggplant slices above kitchen towels to absorb the water:


Mix the flour, olive oil, tomillo, and salt in a mixing bowl, adding the necessary amount of water:


Mix well:


Sprinkle flour over a cool flat surface:


Batter on the surface, ready to be kneaded:


After kneading, roll into a circle and then place the dough over a baking tray:


Arrange the eggplant and tomato slices alternatively above the dough in the tray:


Mix the milk cream and two eggs together, and beat well:


Place cheese above the eggplant and tomato slices, and pour the milk cream and egg mixture above, covering the entire suface:


Mediterranean-inspired tart fresh out of the oven:



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