Viennese Franks & Cauliflower Au Gratin

Today’s recipe is from Pelusa Molina‘s class once again, but thankfully this time it wasn’t too difficult! It makes for a filling dish, with many interesting ingredients, so try this it you’re bored of the usual :)



1) 1 large fresh head of cauliflower
2) 4 eggs
3) 4 Viennese franks
4) 50g of butter
5) 30g of flour
6) 500ml of milk
7) Salt, pepper and ground nuts
8) 100g of freshly grated fontina cheese (or any other semi-hard cheese, such as gruyere)


1) Hard boil the eggs, peel them, and slice them
2) Cut the cauliflower into small stalks, and then steam them for 10 to 15 minutes
3) Slice the viennese sausages into small round pieces
4) Heat the milk in the microwave till it becomes hot
5) Melt the butter using the microwave, then add the flour and mix well
6) Add the hot milk to mixture in step 5 and mix well
7) Return the mixture to the microwave and heat for 1 min at maximum heat, and taking out to mix 8) Repeat step 7 for around 5  -7 times until the mixture starts boiling and has reach a thick consistency. This is called the “Salsa Bechamel”
9) Add in the grated cheese to the thick mixture, and stir well to get “Salsa Mornay”
10) In a baking tray, arrange the cauliflower, hard-boiled eggs, and sausage slices
11) Pour the “Salsa Mornay”from step 9 over the dry ingredients, and mix them up homogenously
12) Sprinkle a little bit more cheese over the top, and add small cubes of butter in equal spacing
13) Bake in the oven at 220 deg cel (slightly less than max heat) for around 20 minutes or until the top starts turning golden brown

Fresh cauliflower:


Cauliflower cut into small stalks:


Viennese franks cut in equal slices:


Salsa Bechamel:


Fresh out of the oven:


Viennese Franks & Cauliflower Au Gratin:

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