Roasted Chicken & Egg Fried Bee Hoon

Home in found in a plate of noodles” – a quote from a friend’s status on Facebook.

Indeed, the awe-inspiring power of a plate of noodles and its humble ingredients and combined with its ability to virtually teleport you back to your homeland, across the oceans and the entire globe, is truly incredible.

Today I got home from cooking class, feeling in the mood to cook, but with a craving for an Asian dish peppered with flavours of home, well-being and family. Digging about the kitchen cupboards to see what ingredients I had in the sparse cabinet, I found, to my great delight, half a packet of dry bee hoon! Bee hoon, is basically thin and transparently-white rice noodles. You can make soup with it, fry it, eat it as part of a salad (I never do that), but the idea is that it’s versatile, just like all other carbohydrates. And, its very typically Asian.

So, with the perfect base ingredient to start with, I started peeking into the refridgerator to see what ingredients I could add the the noodles. I found, to my greater delight, that there was some roasted chicken left over from two dinners ago, and plenty of eggs. I decided I would settle for roasted chicken and egg fried bee hoon. It did satisfy my craving for an Asian meal, and it was nice to feel as if I was momentarily back in Singapore.



1) 1/2 packet of dry bee hoon
2) 3 eggs
3) 1/4 roasted chicken (you can use leftover chicken or you can boil the chicken and strip into shreds)
4) Salt, pepper and soy sauce


1) Break three eggs into a bowl, and beat well with a pinch of salt and pepper.
2) Pour the eggs into a pan and make a plain omelette
3) Once omelette is cooked, place on a plate and cut into strips
4) Soak dry bee hoon in a pot of boiling water for 3 – 4 minutes till soft
5) Shred the roasted chicken into strips
6) Drain the water from the bee hoon, and stir fry in a pan, adding soy sauce to give colour and flavour as you like
7) Add in the egg and chicken strips, stirring well.
8) Serve warm and add salt to taste

Three eggs broken in a bowl:


Make a plain omelette:


Cut the cooked omelette into thin strips:


Dry bee hoon:


Soak the dry bee hoon in a pot of boiling water for 3 – 4 minutes till soft:


Bee Hoon spread out in the water:



Drain water from the bee hoon:


Shred roasted chicken into strips:


Stir-fry bee hoon in a pan with some oil, adding the amount of soy sauce you wish:


Add in egg and chicken strips to the fried bee hoon and mix well:


Home in found in a plate of noodles:

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