Homemade Orange Marmalade

Maria from my gym sent me another ingenous recipe this weekend – for orange marmalade!

I’ve always wanted to try making marmalade ever since I saw Juan’s granny making it once. And so when I saw this recipe, I decided to make it rightaway. I had to add some extra water to the marmalade at first as it came out a little too thick, but adding the extra water did all the magic!

Try it, its pretty easy! It just takes up some time (around 2 hours).

ORANGE MARMALADE (Makes 2 jars):


1) 1 kg of oranges
2) 700g of sugar
3) 1/2 lemon (juice required)
4) 500g of water (or more if necessary)


1) Peel the orange rind of 3 – 4 oranges (making sure to only use the orange part and not the bitter white part)
2) Slice the orange rind very thinly to get the orange peel so characteristic of marmalade
3) Peel the rest of the oranges to get to the orange flesh (removing all seeds, and white parts)
4) Cut the oranges into small pieces and put in a mixing bowl
5) Add in sugar and sliced orange rind to the oranges, mixing well till sugar is dissolved
6) In a large pot, pour in the oranges and sugar mixture, and heat with low fire, mixing continuously
7) Add in the water, and keep stirring until the mixture achieves a thick consistent texture (do not overcook or it will be too thick) – stir for around 1 hour
8) Once ready, pour the hot marmalade into the jars and cap them, allowing them to cool before putting in the refridgerator.

Fresh oranges:


Peel the orange rind of 3 – 4 oranges:


Slice the orange rind as thinly as possible:


Peel the rest of the oranges, getting rid of as much white fibre parts as possible:


Cut the oranges into small pieces and put in a mixing bowl:


Add sugar to the oranges:


Mix sugar and oranges together till sugar dissolves:


Mix with the orange rind:


In a large pot, heat the orange-sugar mixture using a low fire, adding water necessary:


Mix well to get this mixture after around 15 minutes:


When ready, marmalade looks like this:


Jars of fresh homemade marmalade:

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