Vanilla Biscuit Dessert (Contributed by Juan’s Mum)

Juan’s granny used to make a special dessert for her daughters when they were younger, and Juan’s mum has also made it for Juan and Fran when they were young. It appears kids love this dessert, which thankfully isn’t as difficult to make as it looks! Those of you with young kids should try it – I bet your kids will love them too!



1) 3 packets of vanilla biscuits (around 36 biscuits)
2) 2 litres of milk
3) 1 packet of vanilla-flavoured instant pudding mix
4) 1 packet of chocolate-flavoured instant pudding mix
5) 500ml of unsweetened coffee


1) Soak the vanilla biscuits lightly in coffee and arrange a first layer of biscuits in a rectangle bowl
2) Dissolve the packet of vanilla-flavoured instant pudding mix in 100ml of milk, or as much as needed
3) Heat 800ml of milk over low fire until it starts to bubble
4) Add in the vanilla-flavoured pudding mix in step 2 to the milk in step 3, mixing well for 1 minute until it achieves a thick consistency
5) Pour the vanilla-flavoured pudding once ready over the layer of coffee-soaked vanilla biscuits
6) Repeat step 1 and arrange a second layer of biscuits over the vanilla pudding
7) Repeat step 4 but with chocolate-flavoured pudding mix
8) Once chocolate-flavoured pudding is ready, pour it over the second layer of vanilla biscuits
9) Allow the dessert to cool and then put in the refridgerator

Unsweetened coffee:


Vanilla biscuits:


Soak vanilla biscuits lightly in coffee:


Arrange a first layer of vanilla biscuits in a rectangle glass bowl:


Vanilla-flavoured instand pudding mix:


Dissolve vanilla-flavoured instant pudding mix with 100ml of milk, or as much as needed:


Heat 800ml of milk over low heat until milk starts to bubble:


Add in vanilla-flavoured pudding mix to hot milk and stir continously for 1 minute:


Once vanilla-flavoured pudding is ready, pour over the layer of vanilla biscuits:


Arrange a second layer of coffee-soaked vanilla biscuits above the vanilla pudding:


Chocolate-flavoured instant pudding mix:


Add in chocolate-flavoured pudding mix to hot milk and stir continuously for 1 minute:


Once chocolate-flavoured pudding is ready, pour over the second layer of vanilla biscuits:

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Lovely comments

  1. DocSavage says

    If the Vanilla Biscuits are not available in your area, you can substitute Ladyfingers, or make your own out of Pound Cake. Like the recipe Felicia gives here Just cut the Pound Cake up into rectangles and toast them lightly in the oven to make them firmer. Don’t neglect toasting them or they will fall apart easily when you dip them in the coffee. You can toast them longer for a firmer texture but they should still be soft inside.


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