Steamed Carrots in Olive Oil & Oregano

Friday saw me dive into a pretty healthy mood. The whole afternoon I had the idea of making steamed carrots, and when I got home, I decided to test out my own recipe invention. Steamed carrots with olive oil & oregano as a side dish or appetizer, as you wish.

Sometime ago, I had bought a small metal plate with holes meant for steaming vegetables, and somehow I just never got about using it. I finally inaugurated my vegetable steamer-plate on Friday and something tells me I’m going to be using it pretty often in my recipes from now on.

Steaming is probably one of the healthiest ways to cook any vegetable – it incoporates the use of heat from the hot vapour generated from boiling water to cook the vegetable, leaving the vegetable intact with its vitamins and minerals. I think..this is the start of my new, healthy phase in life.



1) 4 large carrots
2) Olive oil
3) Dried oregano herb
4) Salt to taste


1) Peel the carrots and cut them into even sized 8 cm sticks (or any length you like)
2) Steam the carrot sticks until they are tender enough to poke with a toothpick without much force
3) Arrange carrot sticks in a plate, and sprinkle salt and oregano over it, then drizzle with olive oil
4) Garnish with rocket salad or any other type of green vegetable of your choice

Fresh carrots:


Peel the carrots:


Cut the carrots into sticks of even size and thickness:


Steam the carrots (metal bowl with boiling water below, steamer-plate above):


Cover the carrots as they steam so the heat from water vapour is trapped:


Once carrots are ready, they should be able to be poked with a toothpick without much force:


Steamed carrots in Olive Oil & Oregano (garnished with rocket salad):

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