Condensed Milk Cookies

For quite some time, I’d been looking around for milk cookie recipes. I wanted to re-create those cookies from my childhood that I would dip into a cup of coffee or tea, and then enjoy the sensation of those coffee-soaked cookies melting in my mouth.

I finally found a recipe somewhere online and I ammended it a little to give it a milkier flavour. The cookies turned out pretty good, although they were larger than the cookies from my childhood, and will take more than just one dip in coffee to melt them.

Here’s how you can make some too!

CONDENSED MILK COOKIES (Makes 45 – 50 cookies)


1) 250g of melted butter
2) 100g of sugar
3) 400g of condensed milk
4) 750g of self-raising flour
5) 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence


1) Beat butter and sugar until creamy
2) Beat in condensed milk
3) Sift-in self-raising flour
4) Mix in vanilla essence
5) Mix batter well till you get a soft cookie dough
6) Roll cookie dough into small balls and press down on cookie tray
7) Bake cookies at 180 deg cel for 15 – 20 minutes or until cookies start turning golden brown
8) Cool on tray for a few minutes before serving



Butter to be melted:


Melted butter:




Add butter to sugar and mix well:


Condensed milk:


Beat in condensed milk with butter-sugar mixture:


Sift in self-raising flour:


Add vanilla essence and mix well to get soft-cooking dough:


Form small balls of dough and press down with a wet spoon on greased baking trays:


Fresh out of the oven:


Condensed Milk Cookies for tea!

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