French Beans & Carrot Salad

I’ve finally gotten the hang of eating vegetables. I know, sounds comepletely ridiculous that I don’t eat alot of vegetables, but that’s the truth. I used to only eat vegetables in salads, and I didn’t even eat salads all the time.

However, since I’ve started using my steamer plate, I realised that steamed vegetables can be totally delicious despite the super healthly tag placed on them.

Here’s my latest experiment with steamed vegetables. FANTASTIC!!



1) 500g of french beans
2) 2 large carrots
3) Olive oil, salt & dried oregano to taste


1) Wash french beans and cut them into small 5cm strips
2) Peel carrots and cut them into sticks roughly the size of french bean strips
3) Steam carrots & french beans until they are tender
4) In a salad bowl, place some carrots & french beans and sprinkle salt, dried oregano and drizzle olive oil over

Fresh french beans and carrots:

Washed french beans:

Peeled Carrots:

Cut french-beans into small strips:

Cut carrots into sticks of similar size to french bean strips:

Steam carrot sticks:

Steam french-bean strips:

French beans & carrot salad:

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