Piperade – Traditional French Appetizer

Ahh, I’m finally venturing out of my comfort zone – today I tested a recipe from the French Basque region – it was a recipe we tried in Pelusa Molina‘s class a few weeks back, and I’ve been itching to try it since. A traditional dish served across all of France as an appetizer (or sometimes even as a main dish). It is a mix of onions, green peppers, tomatoes, sauteed in their own sweetness, and then served with a side of ham and toasted bread.

It is the perfect mix of low-calorie vegetables, rich with flavors of the countryside, a delightful melody of colors and tastes, and wonderful therapy for the stomach while winter’s cold winds rage outside. As it cooks, the kitchen is wrapped in swirls of generous aromas, each complementing the other, yet completely distinct. Ahh, life is good..

PIPERADE (Serves 4)


1) 1kg of onions
2) 150g of green peppers
3) 500g of matured tomatoes
4) 4 tablespoons of olive oil
5) 3 -4 eggs
6) salt to taste
7) 200g of smoked ham
8) 1 baguette


1) Peel and chop onions, peppers finely, and cut tomatoes in small cubes
2) Stir fry onions in a wok or pan with the olive oil until onions turn transparent
3) Add in green peppers and stir fry till peppers turn tender
4) Add in cubed tomatoes, and add salt & pepper to taste
5) Crack eggs in a bowl, add salt and then beat the eggs
6) Pour beaten eggs into the wok, and keep stirring the ingredients so the eggs do not stick to the sides
7) Serve hot with toasted bread and ham

Fresh ingredients:

Chopped Onions:

Stir-fry chopped onions:

Until onions turn transparent:

Chopped green peppers:

Add in green peppers to onions and stir-fry until peppers are tender:

Chopped tomatoes:

Add in chopped tomatoes:

Fresh eggs:

Beat eggs in a bowl:

Add in eggs:

Stir well:

Serve hot with toasted bread and ham:

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      Hola Maria!!! Gracias por venir a ver mi blog!! Esta receta es re facil de hacer y nos enseno Pelusa Molina (pelusamolina.com.ar). Riquissimo tb!!!
      besos!! nos vemos en Curves!! feli


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