Butternut Squash Tower (Milhojas de Calabaza)

My gastronomic world will never be the same again.

Last week my life changed when I ate the most lipsmackingly delicious, mouthwatering “Milhojas de Calabaza” – which literally means a thousand layers of butternut squash and sort of looks like a butternut squash tower (built on bricks of tasty orange butternut squash flesh). I couldn’t stop dreaming about how wonderful it tasted and how it opened up my gastronomic world by leaps and bounds.

So, being the adventurous, fearless cook that I now am, I decided that I was going to recreate the experience all by myself, in the kitchen, starting from scratch, with just my invented recipe and fresh ingredients in hand. So, with solely pure determination and a mad craving for this dish, I set out peeling, cutting, chopping, like a non-stop machine in a food factory.

I finally finished cooking it, exhausted from the endless chopping (butternut squash is quite hard and requires quite a lot of strength to cut), and sank in my seat to wait as it baked in the oven, before finally trying it…..


It was completely worth all the work, the chopping, the hand aches, and the wait!!! (Thank god!)

If you’d like a good workout and a completely mind-blowing dish, I urge you; beg you, no, completely order you to try this recipe!!



1)    1 large butternut squash
2)    2 medium-sized white onions
3)    200ml of milk cream
4)    10g of butter


1)    Chop onions into small little cube-sized pieces
2)    Stir-fry onions until they start to turn a golden caramel brown
3)    Peel and slice butternut squash into thin even slices (use a mandolin cutter if you have one, if not, try to slice as evenly as you can)
4)    Grease a glass oven-safe baking mould with butter
5)    Arrange a first layer of butternut squash slices
6)    Spread the caramelized onions on top of this first layer and pour 100ml of milk cream over onions
7)    Arrange a second layer of butternut squash slices
8)    Pour the remaining milk cream over this second layer in step 7
9)    Arrange a final layer of butternut squash slices
10)    Bake in oven at 170 deg cel for 1 hour or until the butternut squash is completely cooked and you can poke a fork into the slices easily without much force
11)    Serve hot

Fresh ingredients:

Chopped onions:

Stir-fry onions:

Until they are a golden caramel brown:

Beautiful caramelized onions:

Slice butternut squash thinly and evenly:

Grease an oven-safe baking mould:

Arrange a first layer of butternut squash slices:

Spread the caramelized onions on top of this first layer:

Pour 100ml of milk cream over onions:

Arrange a second layer of butternut squash slices:

Pour the remaining milk cream over this second layer:

Arrange a final layer of butternut squash slices:

Beautiful, lipsmackingly delicious Butternut Squash Tower:

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