Chocolate-Coated Banana Melts

Ahhh……..What can be more heavenly than banana and chocolate all in the same bite?

Not very much, except for the combination of the sweet natural taste of banana together with frozen chocolate that melts in your mouth.

Imagine that, savor it, taste it and lick your lips because there are chocolate stains around them, the only evidence left of the decadent dessert you have just devoured without inhibition.  Lost in chocolate heaven, you feel yourself floating in the air, high from the beautiful sweetness of cocoa and bananas.

Yeah, trust me, IT’S THAT AWESOME. Don’t believe me? Then try it yourself. You’ll be back for more.



1)    4 or 5 bananas
2)    150g of dark chocolate
3)    50ml of hot water (add more if chocolate is too thick)


1)    Cut banana into 2-3cm long pieces
2)    Place banana pieces on a tray which is covered in baking paper
3)    Place tray of banana pieces in the freezer for at least 30 minutes (the longer the better to make sure bananas are not soft
4)    Heat chocolate over hot steam to melt it, adding water to dissolve chocolate and to attain a nice smooth consistency
5)    Remove bananas from freezer and dip them into melted chocolate
6)    Replace chocolate-coated bananas onto the tray and return tray to freezer to harden chocolate
7)    Allow to chill for at least 1 – 2 hours
8)    Serve chilled as a nice dessert to impress your guests

Fresh bananas:

Line tray with baking paper (waxy side up):

Cut bananas into 2 -3cm pieces and arrange them on baking paper, then chill them in freezer for at least 30 minutes:

Dark chocolate bar:

Break chocolate into smaller pieces:

Heat a pot of water until it start to boil:

Place chocolate in a metal plate above boiling water (to be melted by steam):

Melted chocolate:

Dip banana pieces in melted chocolate:

Arrange chocolate-coated banana pieces on tray & return tray to freezer:

Decadent Chocolate-Coated Banana Melts:
Image Credit: Earthly Epicurean

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Lovely comments

  1. says

    I grew up with these made from whole bananas dipped in chocolate then frozen – Those taste great, but are they ever hard to eat! Cutting them into bites is a brilliant improvement – Thanks! I’m looking forward to making these for my kids this weekend.

    • says

      Hi Rebecca :)

      Yep, bite size pieces are great cos you can eat much lesser (or more) depending on your appetitle. Whole bananas are great but they fill you up really fast, and a whole banana might be too much especially if you’re eating them for dessert!

      hope your kids like them too!!

      Have a great labour day weekend!

  2. gracelimsaifong says

    Wow that is sheer heavenly! It is also easy to do.- I am going to have my hands in making some for myself

    • says

      Mummy, yes make this dessert because it is so easy and yummy. It’s that sort of emergency dessert you whip up when friends tell you last minute that they are coming over and you don’t have alot of time to make snacks!


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