Homemade Oreo Cookies

There is no doubt that the OREO COOKIE is the king of all cookies (in my mind at least).

What can be more decadent than icing filling sandwiched between two perfectly dark brown and round cookie wafers, eaten together with a tall glass of cold, full-cream milk? Hmm, I’m salivating just picturing the cookies, my mind working out how to eat the OREOS and drink the milk all at the same time.

Oreos have been my favorite cookies since the beginning of my childhood, after they had so easily replaced my other favorite cookie, the milk cookie. Since then, there’s been no turning back, and I cave in anytime there are Oreo cookies in any recipe, be it McDonald’s Oreo McFlurry ice cream, or Oreo cheesecake, or Oreo milkshake.

The quest to make my own homemade Oreo cookies..

I’ve been wanting to make my own homemade Oreo cookies for a while already, and while surfing the net for a decent Oreo cookie recipe, I chanced across CupCake Project’s recipe. The recipe looked easy enough, and the pictures were so awfully tempting that I had no choice but to bookmark the site and get down and dirty making Oreo cookies yesterday.

They turned out OREOLICIOUS!!!! Having them for breakfast, tea and midnight snacks these few days. I’m so excited and happy that I’ve finally manage to recreate (not entirely but about there) my favorite childhood cookie!! And guess what, so can you!

Homemade Oreo Cookies

HOMEMADE OREO COOKIES (Makes 40 Oreo Cookies)
Adapted from Cupcake Project’s recipe


1)    3 cups of self-raising flour (add more flour if cookie dough turns out too soft)
2)    1 cup of unsweetened cocoa powder
3)    2 cups of white sugar
4)    1 cup of butter
5)    2 large eggs (or 3 small eggs)
6)    1 cup of butter
7)    4 cups of icing sugar
8)    4 teaspoons of vanilla extract


1)    Mix flour, cocoa powder and sugar together
2)    Beat in egg and butter
3)    Flatten dough on cool, flat surface and use cookie cutter to cut out wafers
4)    Bake wafers at 170 deg cel for about 6 minutes (or until cookies are cooked)
5)    Mix butter and beat in sugar and vanilla extract until mixture is homogenously integrated
6)    Spread icing mixture wafers, and sandwich with another wafer
7)   Serve with a glass of cold, full-cream milk

Self-raising flour:

Add in cocoa powder:

Add in sugar:

Mix flour, cocoa powder and sugar together:

Add in melted butter:

Add in eggs:

Mix to get this cookie batter:

Flatten dough on a cool, flat surface:

Cut out wafers with a cookie cutter:

Fresh from the oven:

Mix butter, icing sugar and vanilla extract:

To get icing filling:

Spread icing filling over one wafer and then cover with another wafer:

Decadent homemade Oreo cookies!

Oreos – King of all cookies!

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