Strawberry Muffins

Fresh fruits are all over now that Spring has grandly installed itself into place.

Among the fruits available, strawberries are now almost half the price compared to Wintertime, and since strawberries are such a joy to look at, eat and cook with, I decided to make use of these pretty red fruits last night…

Beautiful strawberries glowing in their glory

Spring time brings fresh fruits like strawberries!

STRAWBERRY MUFFINS (Makes 16 muffins)


1) 1/2 kg of fresh strawberries
2) 1 cup of milk cream
3) 2 cups of sugar
4) 3 cups of self-raising flour
5) 4 eggs


1) Wash the strawberries and remove the leaves, cutting them into small pieces
2) Mix cream and sugar until sugar dissolves completely
3) Add in self-raising flour, alternating each cup of flour with an egg
4) In a muffin mould, arrange paper muffin cups
5) Pour a tablespoon of muffin batter in the muffin cups
6) Put a few strawberry pieces over the first layer of batter
7) Fill the muffin cup up till 3/4 full with batter
8) Bake in oven at 170 deg cel for 20 to 25 minutes, or until a stick comes out clean when you poke the muffin in the middle

Fresh strawberries:

Wash and remove the leaves:

Cut strawberries into small pieces:

Milk cream:

Add in sugar:

Mix well until sugar is dissolved:

Sift in self-raising flour:

Alternating each cup of flour with an egg:

Mix well to get muffin batter:

My pretty muffin cups!

Arrange muffin cups in muffin mould:

Pour a tablespoon of batter in each muffin cup:

Add a few strawberry pieces over the first layer of batter:

Add more batter until muffin cup is 3/4 full:

Fresh out of the oven!

Beautiful Strawberry Muffins!

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