Telling Stories About Life, People & Food In Between

Have you ever chanced upon random people on the street, looked past the time-weathered lines on their faces, and seen the kindness that is their soul?

Do you wonder, when for a brief moment your glance falls on someone out there (they could be anywhere), what beautiful stories their years of history have woven?

The stories which form a part of everyone’s life, whether their days are spent hunched in the rice fields of Thailand, filled with never ending hours of back-breaking labor under the harsh Asian sun; whether they are artists drawing the beauty of life in some romantic street in Paris, the City of Light; or whether their precious after-work hours are spent in their warm cozy kitchens, stirring a large pot of warm beef stew, frozen in the aromatic swirls of freshly minced parsley and sizzling garlic.

If you look closely enough, or pay that little bit more of attention, you’ll realize it’s not difficult to see that in every face and person our lives cross, there are stories to tell.

Stories which break your heart, because of the injustice in life, an inevitable result of being born in the wrong place, at the wrong time; or maybe stories that thrill you beyond belief, giving you hope and trust in love, in a time where kindness can be scarce; or maybe just tales of a simple life, of hushed conversations over a kitchen table whose surface has seen cakes, muffins and homemade jams.

We are humans after all.

Humans who crave love, attention, and kindness. People who hang onto a good story well-told, because we need to have hope for a better tomorrow. Girls and boys who read and hear about others, and sigh with relief as they learn that they are not alone.

It’s the stories and tales we are all hungry for. They drive our decisions, our perspective in lives, and our dreams for the future. They are also what people all over the world seek, and when they find a story, and a good story-teller, they don’t let that go, because the painted imagery and heartfelt words give them something worthwhile to hold on to.

Unfolding tales & stories of life in a another land..

Unfolding tales & stories of life in a another land..

It’s kind of the same with blogs I’ve realized – and food blogs in particular.

My favorite blogger Shanna Mallon from Food Loves Writing sums it up so aptly, as usual –

“I’m drawn toward a particular perspective on food-blogging, one demonstrated by all the websites I like best, wherein the food blog is less a cookbook and more a biography. There are obviously recipes, prominent and pretty, but there are also revelations about people behind those recipes—like a food blogger originally from England realizing Rome has, joyfully, become her settled home while she gives a recipe for cauliflower cheese; like a newly self-employed writer wrestling with the beginnings of freelance life while she sips enchilada soup. There’s nothing wrong with cookbooky blogs (any more than there’s something wrong with cookbooks), but the sites I stop everything to read are the ones telling us about themselves.”

Whether it’s a post about grandma’s lemon squares, or divine chocolate frosting cupcakes, or butternut squash and mushroom risotto, the reader is searching for the secret ingredient – above and beyond the detailed  recipes or the perfectly photoshopped pictures – the ingredient which spins a beautiful tale and momentarily transports you to another place and time.

The stories which cause us to hold our breath for a fraction of a second, as we sit perched on the edge of our seats, feeling part of the unfolding tale. They are what makes us feel alive, present and strong.

Not just stories for the sake of them, but stories filled with depth and bursting with history and sincerity, of the thoughts which take one captive, of the path one has shown before him.

There are millions of places to find breathtaking pictures of luscious cakes and mouthwatering food, just like there are millions of recipes all over the Internet, waiting to be discovered and cooked.

But more importantly, there are billions (yes billions, because we are 7 billion in the world) of inspiring stories out there which we continually discover, and suddenly the place where you first heard a story is no longer just a random food blog, it has because a cove of treasured tales and anecdotes about the writer’s life – and that is what we hold onto.

When 2013 started I challenged myself to live a bigger life, to use my words to impact those who read them.

At that point I didn’t have a strong, clear idea about how exactly I was to do that.

Then over the past few days, it seemed that every time I check Twitter, people are talking about telling stories. Every time I read a post I am fascinated and enchanted by, I realize that it’s the story behind the dish, and not really the recipe that hooks me. And when I look upon the face of a random person walking in the street, I stop for a moment and wonder what stories they have to tell.

Now I’m sure and know what I want for this blog. Dish by Dish is still a small blog, just a drop in the ocean, but then again, what is an ocean but an infinite number of drops?

Telling stories about life, people & food in between

Telling stories about life, people & food in between

So I tell you now, because stating something publicly holds you accountable to it, that I will try to be a good story teller.

I will try to intertwine stories with food and recipes, and stories may sometimes come first, and food second – but ultimately I aim to create something for someone to hold onto, to inspire, to be a source of hope.

And if you have stories to tell, please let this space be free for you to give and share.

Let us tell stories together.

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felicia | Dish by Dish

Felicia is a Singaporean who's currently located in Buenos Aires, also known as the "Paris of South America". After moving to Argentina because of love, she found herself grappling with the mysterious concept known as cooking. Starting this blog has helped her explore the kitchen, the effect cooking has on our lives, and generally helped her make more friends with people like you! Please stay a while and explore!

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Lovely comments

    • says

      Min! you are soooo sweet! I’m really glad we’ve become friends via our food blogs! And you know what? I really enjoy reading yours posts too! And you write well, so don’t underestimate your skills!! Plus your photos are lovely! I have tons to work on in the photography area!

      Actually I feel the same too – like I’ve known you for a long time already! Somehow I can feel your sincerity and honest bubbliness when I read your posts and your comments – so if I ever am in Texas or if you’re ever in Argentina….we have to meet up!!!! Coffee, tea, cooking in the kitchen whatever!!!

      big hug to you and Tim! Happy weekend dear!

  1. says

    Felicia, you truly have a gift. You don’t need to’re already a phenomenal story teller! Although I’ve only been following your blog for a short time (so glad I Dish by Dish!!), I feel as though I’ve known you for years and have had many conversations. Reading your words makes me want to sit down with you, sip on some coffee or tea…no scratch that! get in the kitchen and get our hands dirty while swapping stories.
    You’re right..there are TONS of food blogs out there, and what drives me to come visit yours and leaves me begging for more are all the wonderful stories and memories associated with the scrumptious eats. I want to think that I have a lot of stories to share, and I want to make every effort to do so. I’m not, by any means, an excellent writer like you, but it doesn’t take eloquent and pretentious words to be relatable. Hope you have a blessed weekend!

  2. says

    First off, thank you so much for linking to my chocolate cupcakes <3 That means a lot because I try my best to incorporate stories into my posts and not just ramble on about cupcakes. But I think you are a great storyteller Felicia! Practice makes progress though, and I'm so glad to see you are working to better yourself in 2013. We all need to be willing to listen to others' stories as much as tell our own, and that's what I love about food blogs as well. It's like getting to meet people I'd never otherwise get to meet. And I like being a part of their lives, just as I love that they are a part of mine. :)

    • says

      Jess :)

      thanks you for being so encouraging, as always!! I link to other blogs which I personally enjoy reading, and yours never fails to entertain, make me laugh or strike a chord in my heart!

      And you’re exactly right – i love that food blogging has allowed me to become part of the lives of the bloggers like you and others in the blogging community – people who I might not have met if not for our food blogs! :) And I’m so glad I met you Jess!! :)

      Cheers to a great 2013 for both our blogs!!

  3. charmedbylove says

    Ah I realize that going to university soon is another chapter in my life, with plenty of new cooking and food cultures to learn!

    • says

      University was one of the best parts of my life! I’m sure you will have a great time – don’t miss this opportunity to meet as many people as you can and make the friends who will be yours for life!

      good luck!


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