My New Year Resolution: Eat Healthier

During the last week of 2013, I made a promise to myself that I would start the year on a healthy slate by choosing to eat more real foods, and whole foods.

(For a wonderful definition of real foods, check out this post on real food defined on 100 days of Real Food. Lisa has put up an amazingly detailed definition of what you can or cannot eat on a real food diet.)

Basically, I really hope to be able to cut out as many processed foods as possible. This essentially – means foods that have been processed in factories and come available in packages or boxes with ingredients that I cannot pronounce much less recognize.

I’m also going to try to reduce refined grains, which means to minimize foods such as white flour or white rice, and go with whole grain flour and brown rice. This also means that fast foods such as McDonald’s or Burger King are definitely out of the conversation (which isn’t hard to eliminate because I practically eat fast foods less than 5 times a year).

However, making sure I’m not eating junk and processed foods is difficult to control if I’m eating out all the time – particularly because restaurants use certain chemicals like MSG to make foods tastier (but result in very much unhealthier foods that affect our health in the long run).

As I mentioned in my first post this year, one of the surest ways to make sure that I’m eating whole foods and as little processed foods as possible is to cook my own meals.

And, that’s definitely a challenge because even though I love cooking, I find that thinking up of varied meals to cook is probably the hardest part of prepared home-cooked food.

Thank God for this wonderful New Year gift from the Harvest Your Health team.

This is a package worth $850+ in e-books, discounts and meal plans, but is only going for $39 during the next 90 hours!





This is a bundle that seems too good to be true – but it’s actually true!

So I feel morally obliged to share!

At a 95% discount to its actual value, I couldn’t wait to get the bundle. Now I’ve already got the package and am so amazed with the quality (and quantity) of recipes and health information; I already know that this is where I’m going to be getting plenty of real food ideas for this coming year!

The Harvest Your Health bundle includes (I’m still so amazed by how many things the package includes!):

  • 52 e-books
  • 23 discount codes
  • 5 meal plans
  • 3 online magazines
  • 1 private kitchen community membership
  • 1 online fitness plan
  • $887 value when you add up all costs!!




These 5 ebooks that I’ve looked through are already worth $60 by themselves. I haven’t had time to read through all the other ebooks, but I imagine there is so much more I’ll enjoy! So imagine what an amazing deal the entire bundle is worth at just $39!!

1) PALEO EVERYDAY, by Heather Connell
– $8.99 standalone value, or total bundle for just $39!

Of the many books I’ve had a chance to glimpse through, I’m really loving Heather’s Paleo Everyday. I’ve flipped through the book from front to back at least 3 times, and I can’t help drooling over her recipes and beautiful mouth-watering pictures. I’ve tried a couple of recipes already, including these beef & onion stuffed bell peppers, and another one (so amazingly good!!) that I’ll share next week. If you’re confused about what “Paleo” means, Heather does a wonderful job of explaining it here.

Paleo Everyday - Heather Connell

2) PALEOGASM, by Camille Macres
– $30 standalone value, or total bundle for just $39!

I opened this book yesterday and was greeted with 150 wonderful recipes! Plus, each Paleo recipe came with a delicious picture of the food, and it got me so hungry I went home immediately and made minced beef burritos, inspired by the breakfast burrito with bison chorizo Paleogasm featured. A recipe that’s definitely going to be repeated for breakfast, lunch or dinner! A total of 184 full pages of recipes and information about leading a healthy Paleo lifestyle, this book is just so worth it!

Paleogasm Ipad

, by Jolene Sloam
– $4.99 stand-alone value, or total bundle for just $39!

Who doesn’t love a good pancake for a lazy weekend brunch? But perhaps you’re trying to get off wheat (for personal health reasons like celiac disease, or you simple want to reduce the grains in your diet), and this is the perfect book for enjoying pancakes without the unnecessary gluten! I can’t wait to try these!!

Gluten-Free-Pancakes Ipad

– $9.99 standalone value, or total bundle for just $39!

It’s summer here in Argentina, which means smoothie time! But smoothies aren’t only for the hot days of summer, they’re also for a quick snack and sometimes healthy meal replacements! Todd’s book is incredibly varied – I’m amazed by the large numbers of smoothie combinations possible, such as smoothies with alcohol, nuts, fruits, vegetables and so many other types of ingredients! This summer I’m definitely going to be attaching Todd’s book!

Toadally-Primal-Smoothies Ipad-

, by Hallie Klecker
– $5.99 standalone value, or total bundle for just $39!

I know how so many people love this miracle vegetable, which is great eaten raw or in smoothie form, or sauteed and then eaten over a fried egg and cooked quinoa. While I still haven’t been able to find kale here in Argentina, I know this is a cookbook that many of you in the US will appreciate for sure! Plus, the superfood kale is rich in Vitamin C and Calcium, so I think it’s a great reason to learn 40 new recipes to incorporate kale into your diets!

Crazy-for-Kale Ipad

Click here for more detailed info about the sale!


I really believe you’ll enjoy this bundle as much as I am!

Happy Healthy New Year!

P.S. This post contains affiliate links, which means I will receive a commission if you buy the bundle using the links above. the bundle price is exactly the same, but I will receive a percentage for introducing it to you.

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  1. says

    I love your resolutions! I really want to try to start baking my own bread once a week so I don’t have to buy it at the store, and hopefully that will get me into making even more homemade things! Happy Belated New Year Felicia! and Best of luck on the resolutions! 😀 <3

  2. Grace Lim says

    Thanks Felicia for sharing your goals and new year resolutions for 2014 and also the fantastic offer by Harvest your Health. .

    I look forward to your healthy cooking recipes in 2014!

    Have a great weekend!



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